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Although at present the comparative study of the Baltic languages is enjoying good times (it is enough to open the last issues of the journal Baltistica to find stimulating papers on virtually every aspect of Baltic historical linguistics) the field suffers from the fact that few professional Balticists are sufficiently trained in Indo-European linguistics and, conversely, a profound knowledge of Baltic is also rare among Indo-Europeanists.

The main aim of the workshop is to bridge the gap between both fields and to bring scholars working on the Baltic languages and on Indo-European linguistics into closer contact with each other. In addition to papers dealing with Baltic and Balto-Slavic issues from an Indo-European perspective, papers focusing on other branches of Indo-European with an impact on Baltic will be welcome as well.

Accepted papers


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Katsiaryna Ackermann
Linguistic commentaries on the “Verzeichnis veralteter oder wenig bekannter litauischer Wörter” collected by G. Ostermeyer in Lithuania Minor (Kleinlitauen)
Heiner Eichner
Vermischte Beiträge zur baltischen Sprachgeschichte aus indogermanischer Sicht
Sandra Herrmann
The representation of middle event types in Old Lithuanian
Santeri Junttila
Die baltisch-slawische Frage im Lichte der alten baltischen Lehnwörter des Ostseefinnischen
Tereza Kabeláčová
Baltų ir slavų deminutyvai
Igors Koškins
Latviešu valodas strīdīgu slāvismu etimoloģija pirmindoeiropiešu rekonstrukcijas skatījumā
The etymology of controversial slavisms in Latvian in the aspect of Proto-Indo-European reconstruction
Arthur Laisis
Dėl baltų kalbų upė → užupis darybos tipo kilmės
Duccio Lelli
The Lithuanian nouns in -muõ
Adam Paulukaitis
*-āi̯e- iteratives in East Baltic
Oliver Plötz
Strategies of expressing imperatives: A journey from PIE to the modern Baltic languages
Tijmen Pronk
Stang's law in Baltic
Ērika Sausverde
Linguistics, archeology and genetics – premises of pre-Indo-European substratum in languages around the Baltic Sea
Ilja A. Seržant
Verbalization and non-canonical case marking of some irregular verbs in *-ē- in Baltic and Russian
Florian Sommer, Paul Widmer
Bringing together events and participants: Two ways of nominalizing linked predications
Rafał Szeptyński
Laryngeal correption in Balto-Slavic and the other northwest Indo-European languages
Miguel Villanueva Svensson
Zero-grade denominative nasal and sta-presents in Baltic
Krzysztof Tomasz Witczak
“The Pagan dialects from Narew” in the light of Yatvingian onomastic remnants
Yoko Yamazaki
Balto-Slavic pronominal forms and monosyllabic circumflexion


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