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The accentual systems of Baltic and Slavic languages, characterized by great typological diversity, are often thought to go back to a single Proto-Balto-Slavic accentual system which in many respects must have been fundamentally different from the system reconstructed on the basis of other Indo-European languages (such as Vedic Sanskrit and Ancient Greek).

Despite the rapid advancements that Balto-Slavic historical accentology has seen in recent decades, researchers today still actively debate many major issues concerning the reconstruction of the Proto-Balto-Slavic accentual system and its relation to the accentual systems of the other Indo-European languages. A significant impetus to the development of the discipline has been provided, since 2005, by the annual International Workshops on Balto-Slavic Accentology (IWoBA) held in various European cities, where researchers adhering to different frameworks and methodologies can present and discuss their results.

Besides diachronic issues, this workshopʼs topics will include those related to modern Baltic and Slavic dialectology, typology, areal linguistics, as well as studies in experimental phonetics.

The proceedings of several workshops that have already taken place have been published as separate volumes: Kapović, Matasović 2007; Olander, Larsson 2009; Pronk, Derksen 2011; Stadnik-Holzer 2011; Sukač 2011; Rinkevičius 2011.

IWoBA 11 will be held as part of the 12th International Congress of Balticists.

We welcome submissions for talks on the following topics:

  • comparative and historical Balto-Slavic accentology;
  • accentual history of specific Baltic and Slavic languages;
  • modern Baltic and Slavic dialect prosody;
  • Baltic and Slavic areal phenomena relevant to accentology;
  • Baltic and Slavic accent systems in typological perspective.



Kapović, Mate, Ranko Matasović (eds.) 2007, Tones & Theories. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Balto-Slavic Accentology, Zagreb: Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje.

Olander, Thomas, Jenny Helena Larsson 2009 (eds.), Stressing the Past. Papers on Baltic and Slavic Accentology (= Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics 35), Amsterdam, New York: Rodopi.

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Stadnik-Holzer, Elena 2011 (Hrg.), Baltische und slavische Prosodie. International Workshop on Balto-Slavic Accentology IV (Scheibbs, 2.-4. Juli 2008). Scheibbser Internationale Sprachhistorische Tage I (= Schriften über Sprachen und Texte 11), Frankfurt am Main etc.: Peter Lang.

Sukač, Roman 2011 (ed.), From Present to Past and Back. Papers on Baltic and Slavic Accentology, Frankfurt am Main etc.: Peter  Lang.

Accepted papers


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Katsiaryna Ackermann
Some words on the prosody of infinitives in Baltic and Slavic
Алексей Викторович Андронов
Снова о рукописи Ф. Ф. Фортунатова «Об ударении и долготе в балтийских языках»
Владимир Антонович Дыбо
Связано ли индоевропейское ударение с индоевропейским аблаутом?
Siniša Habijanec
The Slovak language as a source for the reconstruction of the Proto-Slavic accentual system
Miodrag Jovanović
Accent systems in Old Montenegrin speeches
Михаил Ослон
Дифтонг *oi и метатония в балтийских языках
Ирина Пекунова
Акцентная система i-глаголов в староштокавских памятниках
Tijmen Pronk
Language contact and accent shift in Baltic and Slavic
Vytautas Rinkevičius
Metatonija latvių kalbos vardažodžių priesagose
Tobias Mosbæk Søborg
An acute problem: The Balto-Slavic diphthongs
Dejan Sredojević
How much do phonetic realisations of Serbian accents actually differ from each other in various dialects?
Mindaugas Strockis
Lietuvių kirčio žymėjimas F. Kuršaičio žodynuose
Bonifacas Stundžia
Jaunosios ir vidurinės kartos lietuvių inteligentų kirčiavimo polinkiai: bendrumai ir skirtumai
Rafał Szeptyński
On the origin of Proto-Slavic neo-acute tones
Evaldas Švageris
Lietuvių, latvių ir slovėnų kalbų priegaidžių akustiniai panašumai


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