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Recent years have witnessed an increased interest in word-formation in both theoretical and functional linguistics as well as in language typology (e.g., Bauer 2004; Štekauer & Lieber, eds. 2005; Corbett 2010; Spencer 2013; Štekauer et al. 2013). This research can give new impetus to the study of word-formation in Baltic languages, expanding the well-established structuralist approaches (as presented in Urbutis 1978 and Soida 2009).

The aim of this workshop is to bring together scholars who are looking for new questions and/or methods for the study of word-formation in Latvian, Latgalian, Lithuanian, or Old Prussian, both from a synchronic and a diachronic point of view. We are especially interested in studies at the interface of word-formation and other fields, such as:

  • word-formation and inflection, for example word-formation processes with “inflection-like” formal properties (high productivity, regularity, generality), or notorious border cases such as the present  participles in Latvian;
  • word-formation and syntax, for example valency-changing derivational processes (causatives, reflexives, etc.);
  • word-formation and pragmatics, for example the use of diminutive forms for expressing politeness;
  • word-formation and text linguistics, for example the different uses of derived lexemes in texts, or the genre-specific use of certain means of word-formation;
  • word-formation and corpus linguistics, for example corpus-based productivity measures, parallel corpus-based studies;
  • word-formation and language contact, for example the adaptation of loanwords by derivational means, or the borrowing of derivational affixes.


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